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Message from the CEO and the President

Akira OGAWA, President

Akira OGAWA, CEO and President

For 114 years, Iwate Medical University has progressed with the local community and fulfilled the responsibility of serving as the hub of community medicine. Today, a large-scale relocation project is in the works: the faculties, the Interdepartmental Equipment Center, laboratories, and the University Hospital will be relocated to a large new campus; and in Uchimaru of central Morioka, where the current campus is located, a Medical Center will be established.
In April 2011, all of the 6-year curricula of the faculties, except for clinical practicums, will be taught on the new Yahaba campus, where a unique interdepartmental education system and facilities will be established.
No other university provides such an environment where, for instance, a pharmacology student aspiring to be a pharmacist or a researcher can, on a regular basis, learn from medical and dental professors involved in the latest medical science.
Medical professionals today are expected to put emphasis on treating patients as a whole person, instead of only focusing on the diseases. Dentists are also expected to consider the whole body when treating a dental malady, as a part of a more general disorder. To nurture professionals who can treat patients as a whole person rather than those who only focus on the diseases, Iwate Medical University strives to become the world’s leading institution in education, treatment, and research, with advanced facilities and sound administration, under a close coordination of the faculties.
With the founding principle of “being a true and good human being before being a doctor” in mind, we hope that you not only gain expertise and skills but also a wide range of knowledge and a deep love for humanity, surrounded by the latest facilities and the excellent teaching staff and supported by the interdepartmental education system, and develop as socially responsible medical professionals and researchers.