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Privacy Policy

Educational Corporation Iwate Medical University (hereinafter “the University”) strives to protect privacy through appropriate obtaining, use, and management of personal information, complying with the laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding privacy protection, as well as the “Rules Regarding Privacy Protection.”

  1. Appropriate Obtaining of Personal Information
    The University will not obtain personal information through false or wrongful means.
  2. Use of Personal Information
    The University will use personal information only when necessary for educational, research, medical, or other administrative purposes, and the usage purpose will be specified as much as possible. Except for special cases, the University will not use personal information without the individual’s consent beyond the extent necessary for the achievement of the specified usage purpose.
  3. Appropriate Management of Personal Information
    The University strives to maintain accurate and updated personal information necessary for various specified usage purposes, and take necessary and appropriate security management measures.
  4. Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
    When there is a request from an individual to disclose, correct, or suspend the use of his/her personal information, the University will respond promptly to take appropriate measures.
  5. Supervising the Commissioned Third Party
    When the University commissions a third party to use all or part of the personal information it handles, measures to be taken by the commissioned third party will be specified in a contract, and will be supervised appropriately as needed.
  6. Compliance of Law and Regulation; Continual Maintenance and Review
    The University will comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding privacy protection; the University will also have its employees comply with the “Rules Regarding Privacy Protection.” In addition, to help achieve the goals of these Rules, the University has established the Privacy Protection Management Committee and strives to perform continual maintenance and review to ensure privacy protection.