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Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Library

Innovational Direction of Iwate Medical University

We have established the following research facilities to meet the needs of the latest research in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology: the Advanced Medical Science Research Center; the Central Research Section, which include the Center for Electron Microscopy and Bio-Imaging Research (EMBIR), the Image Information Center, the Animal Experiment Center, the Isotope Research Center, and the Cyclotron Center. These research facilities are staffed with ample specialists and equipped with the latest tools to meet the researchers’ needs.
In particular, the Cyclotron Center, located adjacent to the Japan Radioisotope Association Takizawa Laboratory, is one of the few facilities in Japan where advanced medical research on positron nuclear medicine is conducted using the small medical cyclotron, with expectations of yielding fruitful results for clinical research as well as basic research.
In academic year 1999, we received funds from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (present-day MEXT) for their Private University High-Tech Research Center Project, and the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry each embarked upon a new project.

Timely and Interdisciplinary Expansion

We nurture new seeds of ideas and propel innovation in basic and clinical fields through state-of-the-art projects. With an interdisciplinary vision that links medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology, our motivated staff strive to integrate intellectual properties of various nature. Findings on topics such as cancer, infectious diseases, and lifestyle-related illnesses are released domestically and internationally. We also strive to strengthen the network among the university, industry, and government to match various demands.


  • Advanced Medical Science Research Center
  • Advanced Oral Health Science Research Center
  • Ultrahigh Field MRI
  • Department of Translational Research
  • Department of Clinical Epidemiology
  • Tumor Biolosy
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • Department of Vascular Biology
  • Department of Cell Biology / Regenerative Medicine
  • Laboratory for Nano-Neuroanatomy
  • High Energy Medical Research
  • Laboratory Animal Medicine
  • Center for Electron Microscopy and Bio-Imaging Research
  • Image Information Center
  • Center for In Vivo Sciences
  • Cyclotron Research Center
  • Radioisotope Research Center
  • Medical Engineering Center
  • Medical Three-Dimensional Imaging Laboratory
  • Center for life science and technology

Focusing on Dentistry in an Aging Society

Advanced Oral Health Science Research Center

Our research environment has been significantly enriched through the High-Tech Research Center Project and the Open Research Center Project selected and funded by MEXT. Many timely projects that contribute to society are in progress.

Current research topics include:

  • Research on Stomatognathic Antiaging Medicine as a Gerontological Science and Development of Function Recovery Methods Using Biomaterials
  • Development of Dentistry and a Basis for Cell Therapy to Overcome Intractable Dental Maladies

A More In-Depth Drug Development From a Clinical Perspective

Advanced Pharmaceutical Science Research Center

Development of various drugs and testing their effectiveness at the clinical level—the roles of pharmacology are expanding as medical needs become increasingly more fractionalized and advanced.
This facility was established on the Yahaba campus as a hub for pharmaceutical research for the next generation, with an aim to widely contribute to society. Coordination among the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry, the School of Pharmacy, various research departments, and various organizations outside the University will be enhanced.