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About Morioka and Iwate

Serenity and nostalgia fill the golden land of Iwate

Iwate Medical University is situated in Morioka, the capital of Iwate, located in Tohoku.
It is a two-and-a-half hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo;
Hanamaki Airport, the nearest airport, is linked with major cities such as Sapporo and Osaka.

Get To Know Iwate

Gentle spring, fresh summer, autumn with vividly-colored mountains and rivers,
and brisk and beautiful winter—you can feel Iwate through its
vast land and seas, and its timeless culture.

Northern and Central Iwate

  • Hachimantai


  • Appi Kogen

    Appi Kogen

  • Shizukuishi Ski Area

    Shizukuishi Ski Area

  • Mt. Iwate

    Mt. Iwate

  • Koiwai Farm

    Koiwai Farm

Coastal Area

  • Sanno-iwa Rocks

    Sanno-iwa Rocks

  • Jodogahama Beach

    Jodogahama Beach

  • Sanriku Railway

    Sanriku Railway

  • Ryusendo Cave

    Ryusendo Cave

  • Takata-Matsubara


Hiraizumi and Southern Iwate

  • Michinoku Performing Arts Festival (August)

    Michinoku Performing Arts Festival (August)

  • Tono Kappa-buchi

    Tono Kappa-buchi

  • Chusonji Temple Tsukimizaka

    Chusonji Temple Tsukimizaka

  • Konjikido Hall

    Konjikido Hall

  • Motsuji Temple Ennen-no-mai

    Motsuji Temple Ennen-no-mai

  • Geibikei Gorge Boat Ride

    Geibikei Gorge Boat Ride

Get To Know Morioka

When you are in Morioka, feel its fresh, clear air and expressive winds that gently rustle through the trees, as well as the good old charm of its kindly people.


  • Sansa Dance Festival

    Sansa Dance Festival

  • Gozaku


  • Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree

    Rock-Splitting Cherry Tree

  • Funekko-nagashi


  • Tsunagi Hot Spring

    Tsunagi Hot Spring

  • Chagu-Chagu Umakko

    Chagu-Chagu Umakko

  • Kitakami River and Mt. Iwate

    Kitakami River and Mt. Iwate

Major Events in Iwate

  • Hadaka-mairi(Morioka, mid-Jan.)
  • Daito Ohara Water-Splashing Festival(Ichinoseki, early Feb.)
  • Iwate Snow Festival(Shizukuishi, early Feb.)
  • Hitaka-hibuse Festival(Oshu, end of Apr.)
  • Fujiwara Spring Festival(Hiraizumi, May 1-5)
  • Tendaiji Spring Festival(Ninohe, early May)
  • Lake Kinshuko Festival(Nishiwaga, last Sat. of May)
  • Hiraniwa Highlands Azalea Festival(Kuji and Kuzumaki, early Jun.)
  • Chagu-Chagu Umakko(Takizawa and Morioka, 2nd Sat. of Jun.)
  • Miyako Summer Festival(Miyako, last weekend of Jul.)
  • Tsunagi Hot Spring Lake Goshoko Festival(Morioka, last Sun. of Jul.)
  • Morioka Sansa Festival(Morioka, early Aug.)
  • Kesen-cho Kenka Tanabata and Ugoku Tanabata(Rikuzentakata, early Aug.)
  • Sanriku Ofunato Summer Festival(Ofunato, early Aug.)
  • Kitakami Michinoku Perfoming Arts Festival(Kitakami, 1st Sat., Sun., and Mon. of Aug.)
  • Kamaishi Yoisa and Kamaishi Fireworks Festival(Kamaishi, mid-Aug.)
  • Morioka Funekko-nagashi(Morioka, Aug. 15)
  • Ichinohe Festival(Ichinohe, last Fri.-Sun. of Aug.)
  • Hanamaki Festival(Hanamaki, Fri.-Sun. that includes the 2nd Sat. of Sept.)
  • Tono Festival(Tono, mid-Sept.)
  • Morioka Hachimangu Festival, Morioka Fall Festival(Morioka, mid-Sept.)
  • Kuji Fall Festival(Kuji, 3rd Fri.-Sun. of Sept.)