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About the University Emblem and Logo Mark

the University Emblem[the University Emblem]

Three kanji characters, which symbolize “medical skills,”
“healer of the divine will,” and “university,” were used in the design.
The emblem symbolizes the ancient origin of medicine,
as well as the university’s founding spirit which emphasizes
the self-awareness as medical professionals.

the University Logo Mark[the University Logo Mark]

The “I” of “Iwate” and the “M” of “Medical” were incorporated
into a mountain-like design,
inspired by Mt. Iwate which embodies Iwate’s nature.
The university’s three pillars–medical skills, doctors,
and academics—as well as the three faculties are represented
by the three stripes,
and the oval above them symbolizes the future.
The stripes and the oval compose
the “Iwate Medical University Future Stripes;”
the Future Stripes and the English logo together compose
the University Symbol Mark.