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Cooperative Minds of the Three Faculties

What we can achieve as a medical university —
the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry, the School of Pharmacy, and the University Hospital

Learn deeply and widely at a medical university with three faculties.
Doctors of the next generation are nurtured through advanced
clinical practicum at the University Hospital.

The educational hub that nurtures professionals who face “human life” responds to the voices of the next generation. The spring of 2007 marked a new phase for Iwate Medical University, with a three-faculty system of the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry, and the School of Pharmacy. Each faculty is working autonomously towards the nurturing of doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. The in-depth coordination among the three faculties is also a notable characteristic of our university. The relationship between education and research is becoming increasingly stronger, and the spirit of collaboration is embodying itself in various scenes. Achievements made from a wide perspective will lead to a deep and wide knowledge. As a medical university, we provide an environment where one can gain specialized knowledge and skills as well as pursue multidimensional studies. Furthermore, the University Hospital with over 20 departments provides a precious opportunity for clinical practicum. The incomparable appeal of Iwate Medical University stems from the organic relation of educational, research, and clinical abilities that simultaneously nurture specialized and interdisciplinary minds.