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Graduate School of Dental Science

Pioneering the Dentistry of the Next Generation

Expanding on the knowledge gained in the faculty, the Graduate School of Dental Science (Doctor’s Course: Specialization in Dentistry) allows you to further investigate dentistry and its theories and applications. The goal is to foster research skills and knowledge necessary for conducting independent research activities. Established in April 1983, we have taken root in Iwate’s community, and have nurtured professionals, with the global trends in dentistry in mind. There have been 349 researchers who have received a doctorate degree in dentistry (as of 2007). Graduate students gain a first-hand experience of the latest dental research, and also participate in academic conferences and projects abroad. After completion, one appealing option is to work at an overseas hospital, university, or research institute. Dentistry is yet another field that is becoming increasingly more specialized and fractionalized; yet at the same time, it is also increasing in its range and is becoming more interdisciplinary. Dental research based on the “whole body management” is drawing attention from related fields.